Nick James

Film | Photography | Design

As a visual storyteller, my creations take form in many mediums. This means that I am always learning new tools to help me in my craft. I direct and shoot videos, cutting tales from dialogue and action. I also work in web design and have a solid understanding of html5, CSS and basic coding. My photography should hopefully speak for itself.

Video Director

I've been producing video of all types over the past six years, ranging from live music events and music videos to promotional material and training videos. I have a full working knowledge of the Adobe Creative suite and generally shoot and light my own material.

Shutterspace, A production company and Cape Town blog I co-founded in 2012, became the base of operations for my foray into film and photography. I designed the website to showcase and build a brand around my work. I also write for the blog.

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I have been playing with Photoshop since its early years, utilising more aspects of the suite as it has grown to be the industry standard it is today. I also have experience using Illustrator, Dreamweaver and an impressive, ever increasing array of other softwares that would take too long to mention.

Working with media and graphic content for clients has often required drafting up the copy that comes bundled with it, sharpening up my social media and content management skills as an added bonus.

Showreel (Part 1)

A much more narrative focused showreel of my work through film school and my first years in the industry

Showreel (Part 2)

This showreel is more centered around my corporate, event and promo video work. You can find and watch all these videos and more on my production website

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